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Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care

Here are some answers to the questions we’re most frequently asked about chiropractic care at Health First Chiropractic.

  • Do I require a referral from a GP before commencing chiropractic care?

    No, you do not need a referral from your GP before visiting our Adelaide chiropractic centre. Chiropractors are primary healthcare professionals, this means that patients can consult them directly.

    However, the chiropractors at Health First Chiropractic often work closely with medical doctors, many of whom refer their patients to our chiropractors when they believe chiropractic care can play a positive role in managing a patient’s condition.

    Similarly, our chiropractors frequently refer to medical doctors when necessary. We are happy to work closely with your GP if a team care approach is required.

    For GP’s referring a patient, please refer here.

  • Do chiropractors work with other health professionals?

    Each patient is treated according to their individual needs. In some cases, health issues may be uncovered that are outside the scope of chiropractic care and need to be addressed by another health professional.

    We will assist you in prioritising your healthcare and seeking the best help at that time. We regularly work with other health professionals from a range of disciplines including physiotherapists, massage therapists, podiatrists and personal trainers.

  • Who can see a chiropractor at Health First Chiropractic?

    Our chiropractors see people of all ages, with all types of health concerns, including pregnant women, children, athletes, the elderly and frail.

    Learn more about what chiropractic care involves here.

  • What types of problems do Chiropractors help with?

    Our chiropractors are trained to treat musculoskeletal pain, most commonly in the form of back pain, neck pain and headache. Our practitioners also have a particular clinical interest in the non-surgical management of sciatica, nerve pain and disc injury.

    We provide a hands on, therapeutic approach to care that incorporates a range of manual therapies which may include spinal adjustment, but also includes mobilisation, muscle and soft tissue techniques along with exercise prescription.

    Our Chiropractors work in partnership with their patients to provide appropriate, tailored care as well as provide lifestyle advice to help prevent re-occurrence.

  • Are all patients adjusted the same way?

    No. At Health First Chiropractic we recognise each patient is unique and your chiropractic care should be too.

    Our chiropractors evaluate each patient’s symptoms and concerns to help develop an individual treatment approach. Chiropractic care is custom tailored to the patient’s age, condition and health goals.

  • What kind of chiropractic consultation rooms do you have?

    Often, people are curious about whether our chiropractors have private consultation rooms or whether we have an open plan treatment area.

    All consultations and treatments are conducted in private consultation rooms for optimal relaxation and privacy during your treatment.

  • Do you provide chiropractic care for children?

    Yes, Health First Chiropractic is pleased to offer gentle chiropractic care to children.

    It’s important to be aware that the methods used for chiropractic treatment of children differ significantly from those used on adults. As children are generally very flexible, and their spinal problems are rarely chronic, they respond quickly to very light, low force adjustment techniques.

    Our practitioners are trained in gentle, low force techniques that make chiropractic perfectly appropriate for children and teenagers, to ensure parents and children feel very comfortable.

  • Do I have to have x-rays for chiropractic care?

    Not all of our patients require x-rays before commencing chiropractic care.

    Our chiropractors assess each patient on an individual basis, to determine whether images are necessary. We will only recommend that an x-ray is taken if there is a valid clinical reason for doing so.

    If required we will refer you to x-ray facilities nearby or of your choice, where x-rays are largely covered by Medicare rebates.

    Children will not require x-rays in most cases, unless they show significant trauma or spinal curvatures.

  • Does private health insurance cover chiropractic care?

    Yes. Private health insurance companies recognise the popularity of chiropractic care and provide rebates to their members.

    Health First Chiropractic also provides HICAPS facilities, this means you can claim onsite for immediate rebates (no need to send your claim in).

    We are also registered preferred providers with health funds, enabling you to claim the maximum rebate you’re entitled to.

    Of course, how much you can claim back each time you visit a chiropractor and the maximum amount you can claim per year, will vary depending on the health cover you choose.

  • Am I too old for chiropractic care?

    Never. Chiropractic care can be a great way to maintain mobility, manage pain and add quality to your later years.

    Using specially designed tables to ensure comfort and gentle, low force techniques designed to maximise and maintain your mobility, many of our senior patients are delighted to find there is hope and comfort in their later years.

    To assist we have parking directly outside our family chiropractic care centre, with a gentle sloping wheelchair access ramp (to avoid stairs).

  • How long will I need chiropractic care?

    Our initial focus is to get you feeling better as soon as possible. How long you decide to benefit from Chiropractic care is always your choice.

    Our chiropractors provide symptomatic care as well as supportive and preventive care depending on your symptoms and health goals.
    Some people choose to use chiropractic care on a symptomatic basis only. Many choose chiropractic as part of their overall healthcare regime to achieve a higher level of spinal function and performance.

    At Health First Chiropractic we stand ready to help all patients, regardless of their health goals.

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